$40 per child annually

$75 for families with more than 1 child enrolled annually

Activity Fee:

$30 per child annually

Childcare Tuition Fees:     

Infant/Toddler Tuition Fees:
(6 weeks through age 36 months or until Toilet Trained)

Full Time (over 5 hours) = $34.00 per day

Part Time (under 5 hours) = $25.00 per day

(Ages 3-5)

Full Time (over 5 hours)
5 days -$160.00   |   4 days -$143.00   |   3 days = 112.00

Part Time (under 5 hours)
5 days = $141.00   |   4 days = $128.00   |   3 days = $100.00


Before and After school = $8.00 per hour

During School breaks and summer = $28.00 per day

Drop In Rate for All Ages:

$37.00 per day

Colorado Department of Human Services Childcare Assistance:

Childcare Assistance is a program offered to parents to supplement the cost of their child care and preschool. If you receive these services, you, as a parent will be responsible for the Parent Fee that is assigned.

logo-1654650833Project Echo:

We support all children receiving a free developmental screening. This screen can lead to receiving a preschool scholarship to attend our program.

We accept cash, check and credit cards through the SQUARE. A 2.83% usage charge is added to your total credit card charge.